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Welcome to Emdak delivery Services

Our courier services is designed to offer peace of mind... with emphasis on effective customer service, we are here to deliver.

Our competent and professional staffs are equipped with the latest technology to provide the efficiency and assurance we know you require from us.

Our rate are easy and affordable for both large and small businesses. AOur team of professionals work together to ensure that our customers receive top quality services that guaranteed result.

Logistics doesn't have to be difficult. It just takes experience, attention to details and a commitment to service. Emdak deliveries is ideal for businesses that value reliability, professionalism and responsive customer service.

Schedule a pick up on our online portal or over the phone

Our online portal is available from anywhere with great accuracy and our team is available over the phone, making it convenient to schedule and customize a pick-up from anywhere.

Our professional, vetted, uniformed drivers pick up your items on time every time and you also get a real time pick up confirmation.

Track your order

Follow your delivery in real time via text/email from pick-up to drop off. Our trackable digital chain of custody gives you peace of mind and compliance documentation.

All our vehicles come with a tracking device

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